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Important Notice: Beware of Fake CooLifting

As with every successful product you are bound to have fake items especially from the Chinese market.

  • Please beware of these fakes as not only it is illegal to distribute, sell or buy a fake CooLifting and its consumables but you will be putting at risk the final end user, as apart from the fact they don't work like CooLifting these counterfeits may cause irreparable damage to the skin due to the inferior and uncontrolled quality, with great possibility of being sued by the customer for damages.  

  • The sale of forged products will nullify your Insurance Policy. 

  • Using fake consumables on your original CooLifitng gun will void your warranty.

  • Every CooLifting device and charger stand have a unique serial number. Original CooLifting consumables have also a lot number. The serial numbers and lot numbers make it easy to verify the product quickly and efficiently.

  • BeautyinGLow Ltd together with Beautygun SL are committed to protect the brand CooLifting by taking criminal and civil legal action against the perpetrator including professional users like Beauty Salons, Aesthetic Clinics etc.

  • BeautyinGlow Ltd are the exclusive distributors for the CooLifting device and its consumables in Malta.

BEWARE OF FAKE COOLIFTING. When a product is a worldwide success, fake products appear through different Chinese channels. We are taking legal action against these illegal Chinese fakes and we inform that: CooLifting is a worldwide registered trade mark. CooLifiting Gun is a patented system. Both fake devices and consumable products do not work and are potentially harmful apart from dangerous
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