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How is CooLifitng used?

The flow is directly projected on the treatment zone, from a distance of 5mm to 10mm distance, for 3 minutes. The session must be carried out by performing a continuous and smooth movement. The actuating time for each zone will be according to the need of the individual. 


What are the CooLifitng benefits?

CooLifting generates a great luminosity and anti-aging  power effect:

  • Lifitng effect: eliminates superficial wrinkles, reduces deep wrinkles and smoothens and illuminates skin.

  • Rejuvenating effect: intensely stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, promotes dermis regeneration and imp[roves skin texture and quality .

  • De-pigmentation effect: CoolClear providing unified skin tone

  • Cellulite treatment: CoolCell  eliminates and drains localised fat and retained liquids.


Who will benefit from the treatment?

It is meant for all types of adults:

  • Tissue stimulation 

  • Prevents aging and improves facial rejuvenation 

  • Wrinkles attentuation

  • Blemishes attenuation 

  • Skin tone homogenisation.


Does it have any secondary effects? Can I continue with my normal life after the session?

It is a non-invasive and non-traumatic treatment, so normal life can be resumed immediately after any CooLifting, CoolClear or CoolCell treatment.

Q How long does a session's effect last? And how long does a treatment last?

The lifting effect is immediate but needs maintenance. The rejuvenating effect is accumulative and proportional to the number of sessions. The deep rejuvenating effect obtained after a complete treatment is progressive and is obtained along the sessions. A great wrinkles reduction will be seen and felt, along with a substantial improvement of skin quality and the  rejuvenation.


Q How many sessions in a treatment?

A treatment is made of: 

  • 4 to 8 sessions in a month (1-2 per week) for the rejuvenating effect: intense collagen stimulation, elastine, dermis regeneration, skin texture and skin quality improvement.  Amount of sessions may vary due to different skin and treatment being carried out.

  • Maintenance session: It is advised to carry out a session every 2 weeks, however, using the CooLifting Daily Gel Cream or CoolCell home treatment this may be prolonged to 4 weeks. 

  • Always follow the advise of your aesthetician or beautician.


Q Are the results obtained permanent? 

The rejuvenation obtained by means of the shock treatment requires maintenance: one session every two to four weeks as stated in the previous question. However the rejuvenating effect obtained is compounded and permanent.


Q What is the technology used by the CooLifting gun?

It is a registered technology which applies the properties of cryo-pheresis, baro-pheresis and low temperature together with high with pressure CO2 to generate a thermal contrast in the skin that increases active ingredients penetration, and multiplies the CooLifting rejuvenating effect.


Q What does one feel during the session?

It is a pleasant feeling for most, the external pressure and cold feeling on the skin. It is completely painless and the more sensitive parts on the skin get a slight tingle.

Q What happens in a session?

Watch each treatment on the the videos below.





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