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3 minutes to remove years


Facial wrinkles attenuation and facial rejuvenating have always been the plastic surgery corner stone. To this date, the proposed treatments combined long sessions with poor results or minimum results after traumatic and invasive procedures. The rules of the game have now changed. The CooLifting® futuristic technology is here.

It is a simple, fast and effective treatment that introduces a new anti-aging concept. It reaches spectacular results using a unique, innovating, non-invasive and effective device to fight wrinkles and facial rejuvenating.

The CooLifting® gun fires a powerful CO2 flow into the tissues, combined with a very high concentration of sprayed active ingredients at a very high pressure and low temperature

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The cold CO2 flow and the sprayed active ingredients, along with the high application pressure cause:

Paradoxical Vessel-motility:

Vessel constriction followed by vessel expansion of the blood micro-circulation.

Cryoforesys and Baroforesys:

Multiplication of the CooLifting protocols actives effect,  due to both cold and the pressure. Their combination causes intense penetration of the active ingredients into the skin and an exponential increase of their therapeutic effects.


The CO2 high-pressure flow activates the micro-circulation, induces collagen and elastine formation and increases the tissues oxeygenating.

Thermal Shock:

Stimulation of the subjacent tissues. Tissues are normally at a temperature of about 37°C. Upon experiencing a sudden extreme cold intake, an instantaneous deep dermis reaction occurs.


The CooLifting treatment generates a double effect:

Immediate Lifting effect:

Smoothens the skin, eliminates superficial wrinkles and reduces deep wrinkles. 

Lasting Rejuvenating effect:

Intense stimulation of collagen and elastin stimulation, dermis regeneration and improvement of skin texture  and quality.

Skin image before coolifting
Skin image after coolifting


CooLifting is an instantaneous treatment, intense and very fast. In 3 minutes 10 years are removed. In 3 minutes a cartridge of CO2 and a vial of CooLifting, CoolClear or CoolCell are simaltaneously used. It is applied over the desired area in need of treatment in an uninterrupted manner, using a smooth an continuous movement during the entire session. Maintaining the application over the same spot for a prolonged period would cause discomfort due to the very low application temperature. 

The equipment is specially designed to prevent human error. Upon turning it ON, it automatically performs multiple checks and, if it doesn't have enough energy or if no consumables are installed, or else if the correct temperature is not reached, it will not start. Thus upon lifting the gun from the base one must: 

- Place the CO2 cannister

- Place the active principles vial

- Prepare patient by cleansing skin 

- Unlock the equipment 

- Carry out the session 

The entire treatment last 3 minutes and is simple, fast, painless safe and more importantly effective.


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